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Are you interested in learning about the foundational legal document that shapes the governance and rights within Zimbabwe?

Download the Constitution of Zimbabwe PDF now!

What you'll find inside:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the rights and duties of citizens
  • Detailed description of the structure of Government
  • Key amendments and their implications
  • Legal frameworks guiding national policies and development

Why you should read it:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Zimbabwe’s legal and political landscape
  • Essential for students, researchers, and legal professionals
  • A valuable resource for anyone interested in constitutional law and governance

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We the people of Zimbabwe,

United in our diversity by our common desire for freedom, justice and equality, and our

heroic resistance to colonialism, racism and all forms of domination and oppression,

Exalting and extolling the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives during the

Chimurenga / Umvukela and national liberation struggles,

Honouring our forebears and compatriots who toiled for the progress of our country,

Recognising the need to entrench democracy, good, transparent and accountable

governance and the rule of law,

Reaffirming our commitment to upholding and defending fundamental human rights and


Acknowledging the richness of our natural resources,

Celebrating the vibrancy of our traditions and cultures,

Determined to overcome all challenges and obstacles that impede our progress,

Cherishing freedom, equality, peace, justice, tolerance, prosperity and patriotism in search

of new frontiers under a common destiny,

Acknowledging the supremacy of Almighty God, in whose hands our future lies,

Resolve by the tenets of this Constitution to commit ourselves to build a united, just

and prosperous nation, founded on values of transparency, equality, freedom, fairness,

honesty and the dignity of hard work,

And, imploring the guidance and support of Almighty God, hereby make this

Constitution and commit ourselves to it as the fundamental law of our beloved land.

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